About Us

If you’ve come to this page looking for an answer as to why this website is called “Jurk Turtle” then unfortunately you’ll be disappointed, as the explanation is far too detailed and intricate to even begin to explain the name.

Currently living in Thailand or “Living the Dream” as many of our friends like to put it—we love to find new restaurants and food delights—of which Chiang Mai offers many!

When Madz isn’t writing delicious Thai Recipes or researching about Drug and Alcohol,  , she’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen with blends of new and unusual flavours, sourced from the many incredible fresh food markets of Chiang Mai.

Meanwhile Mick is usually hovering around asking when the next amazing dish will be ready, killing time before his next web design creation launches!

Update 1 (May 2012) –  Mick and Madz made the sad decision to head back to Sydney. Chiang Mai was waved goodbye for the freezing cold shores of Australia where they were knuckling down and earning some sweet cash.

Update 2 (April 2013) –  Mick and Madz are heading back to SE Asia! Yipee! This time round its Cambodia where we will make our home in the crazy, dirty, exciting and yummy streets of Phnom Penh. Madz has scored a sweet job through the Red Cross and will be helping to improve the horrendous road statistics in Cambodia. Mick is going to be doing his same ol’ thing of building awesome websites for peeps back in Australia.