Crispy Skin Chicken with Creamy Sauce

Chicken is a staple in most peoples homes. Its grilled, fried, baked, crumbed and everything else in between. It can be bland if cooked poorly but oh so delicious when cooked well.  This way that I have been cooking it lately has satisfied a number of cravings we have had for roasted chicken and also makes up a really great stock too! This is also a perfect way to prepare chicken with bones for a bbq – how many times have you had a chicken drumstick straight from the bbq that is raw at the bone?! yuck.

4 – 6 Chicken thigh fillets (with bone) or drumsticks with the skin on


Herbs of choice (rosemary goes exceptionally well)


Clarified butter/ghee/lard


First you give the old chicken pieces a nice rub down under some water to cleanse it of any nasties ( a necessary process here in Thailand) and then you pop it into a pot of water with the herbs and garlic. Make sure you have enough water to cover the chicken pieces, and a bit more. You could add some onion too if you fancy or even some celery leaves etc.

Bring water to the boil then turn down to a simmer. Cook for about 30min or less, depending on the thickness. You basically want to cook the chicken all the way through. No softy bits, no blood, thankyouvery much.

Remove chicken pieces from water and pour stock into a bowl to use later – or add some vegies /chicken meat and cook up a soup on the spot.

When chicken pieces have cooked, heat up a bit of the fat/ghee (or you can use vegetable oil, but thats not really paleo is it…) rub the salt into the fatty skin on the meat. Don’t be shy, rub it in good and make sure you rub in plenty. Too little and you will be disappointed…trust me!

Fry that chicken up! Place the skin side of the thigh fillets down first, bone side up. Fry til it turns golden and crispy on the skin. Enjoy with a nice salad or sauce like the one below;

4 cloves garlic

2-3 rashes of bacon

generous handful of fresh basil

5-10 sundried tomatoes

olive oil

salt n pepper

200ml full-fat cream

Fry up your bacon first and remove it from the heat. Add the garlic, sundried tomatoes, some olive oil (if needed) and cook until the garlic starts to brown. Add the cream, basil and salt n pepper to taste. I also added some dried chilli but thats only because I add dried chilli to almost everything these days. Cook for a minute or two, taste to ensure it tastes good, real good. Then serve with your tasty chicken! Its delicious with grilled chicken too.



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