Review: North China Dumpling Restaurant

I am a sucker for a dumpling. Especially the northern chinese-style fried dumplings. OH MAN. I love the crispy base and the chewy top. I love the really yummy vinegar and chilli that you dunk them in before eating. Mmmm! This love had been largely ignored while we have been back in Chiang Mai. But after our trip to visit Marshy in his new home of Singapore, I was lucky enough to sample some realllllly good ones. Lucky but unlucky because i knew that it was probably a dish I wouldnt get to eat very often once I got back home.

However. I was wrong! After some frantic searching I located a vague comment online about some place called the North China Dumpling Restaurant here in Chiang Mai. OH MY. So Mick and I hopped on the bike and went searching. I must admit, I half expected it to be not open/not in existence because restaurants seem to come and go here pretty quickly. But there it was! Tucked into a soi near the Night Bazaar, the red lanterns and the greasy chinese sign told me it was still there. I inwardly rejoiced, and was happy to see a welcome cat at the front door. I always think that if there is a cat sighted, then it must be a good place.

We wandered into the dark restaurant with about 6 tables covered in some kind of vinyl tablecloths. The woman who worked there presented us with some menu’s. 2 pages of english, 15 of chinese/thai. ha! We quickly ordered some fried dumplings (pork) and fried noodles and some steamed dumplings too. After 15 minutes or so, the dumplings were presented. WOW!


What I love about chinese restaurants all over the world is their cheesy kitsch plates that are usually made out of sturdy plastic. This place was no exception. We gobbled into some of the dumplings and they were just awesome. Flavoursome pork with chives dunked into the gritty chinese chilli.

Next up was the fried noodles. Fresh and light and made with pork (or was it chicken), thin slices of carrot and cabbage, shitaki mushrooms and a slighly oily texture. They were really great too.

Last of all were the steamed dumplings. These were a bit of a wild card but they certainly proved themselves a worthy contender. Chewy steamed dumpling outer protected a fresh and light pork mince filling.

All up for all three tasty dishes came to 310 baht, ~$10AUD. I would definitely go back, perhaps taking a thai person with us so they can tell us what other tasty treats are on the menu that we can’t read!


North China Dumpling Restaurant

Sridonchai Road, Chang Klan, Mueang Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, 50100

North Chinese Dumpling Restaurant
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