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Recipe: Stuffed Squid

One of the excellent things about being in Cambodia and living opposite a local market is the access to super fresh food every day. On any day I can wander across the road in the morning, collect any ingredients I might want for the day or evening meal, hand over a small amount of cash […]

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Breakfast Pork & Rice

Living in Asia definitely takes some getting used to and for some, its not as easy to get used to certain aspects such as street pissing, sugary bread, offal in soup. Breakfast is probably the hardest meal to adapt to, with many people struggling to down a plate of fried rice or noodle soup first […]

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One Day in Singapore

Mick and I recently headed back to Australia to visit friends and family, but more importantly to be part of the wedding celebrations for my sister (Yay! Pip! Yay Danny!). We had a really great time back in Australia, seeing friends, eating delicious lamb, napping in comfy beds, hanging out with Mum’s, spending time at […]

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Long Weekend Jaunt in Vietnam

Long weekends are something Cambodian’s get to celebrate quite often. There are days off for any number of religious, political or social reasons, and as an expat here it can be a great opportunity to go visit neighbouring countries like Vietnam or Thailand without using your annual leave. For one particular long weekend here, Pchum […]

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