Babysitting Kittens

I really love cats & kittens. LOVE them. My preferred age is 3 months plus so they are not squeeky little things that you feel like you are going to break whenever you pick them up. I love teen cats!

Anyway, i digress. We are looking after our friends kitten at the moment while they are on a trip to do a visa run and to one of the islands down south. His name is Dexter and he is a cute lad with an attitude to match. He’s about 3/4 months old, big ears, skinny body and legs and a loud, almost siamese meow.  When he arrived at our place he was a bag of hissing and spitting at poor Bamboo who sat looking miffed at why he was being such a jerk to her. He followed her round and you could see he really wanted to play but he just couldn’t work out how to do it.

Cut to a couple of days later and now they are best  of friends, rumbling, racing, rolling all around the apartment. Very cute until you want to go to bed and they are up being silly!

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