Breakfast Soup

Boat NoodlesI love noodle soup for breakfast. Some people love cereal, fruit or toast, but to me nothing is more energizing or comforting than a big steaming bowl of flavourtown. Teamed up with a super strong iced coffee, this is an awesome way to start the day!

In Sydney it was near impossible to have this for breakfast unless a) I slept in and then ate “breakfast” at midday or;  b) I made it myself at home. Both these ideas worked on occasion but I am so happy to be back in Asia where everyone eats rice and/or noodle soup for breakfast.

Mick and I have found a couple of really great noodle soup places near our house/guesthouse that we have been frequenting every day with some occasional stops at the pork-and-rice stall which also served a yummy soup on the side. My favourite noodle soups are clear broth ones with pork and some vegies like morning glory or lettuce. Mick enjoys a heartier soup with beef or pork, some innards and garlic, anything really meaty.

In Cambodia there seems to be a number of different varieties – some Thai style, some Cambodian and some Vietnamese influenced. There is also the soups with egg noodles or mama noodles but we tend to not eat them (the wheaty noodles are a no-go).  Most of them are served with some kind of meat, a handful of bean sprouts, some shallots and fried garlic on the top. The great addition to the soups here is Kampot pepper (aka best-ever-pepper) which takes things to the next level. I have also seen a couple of soups that have interesting inch-long noodles which I will hunt down in the future.

In Thailand they have a huge range of different soups such as yen ta fo (pink soup, fat noodles, seafoody), guay tiao (clear soup, thin rice noodles) which would have any number of additions such as meat balls, seafood, pork or chicken and then there was the noodle soup with stewed beef (guay tiao neua nam) which Mick adored.

I’m excited to discover more soups here and of course report back!

Noodle soup with Extras


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