Healthy Feasting

I am now in the process of cooking up a slew of tasty Mexican recipes for a new website. AWESOME. So far I have cooked 2 types of ‘chilli’, fajitas, guacamole, Mexican rice and….i think that’s it. What I like about Mexican food is that I can spice it up as much as I like…and I really like to feel the burn. What I don’t like about it is that it can often be very high in fat and very filling. While living here, i have really come to listen to my body a bit more and feeling too full is not very good. Not only do you feel the ache in your belly but its really uncomfortable being hot, full and uncomfortable while in Thailand surrounded by all the skinny beautiful people. And who wants to feel lethargic and fat in hot weather? NOT ME!

I have come to the conclusion that Mick and I need to eat more salads/fresh food. Its easy to eat yummy but maybe not so healthy food here. Everything has sauce, most dishes are stir-fried with a fair amount of oil and curries are laden with fatty coconut milk. There are healthy options available – yum woo sen, som tum, noodle soups – so we need to eat more of them and less fried pork and pad thai.

The plan is to try and serve a nice salad with every meal. For Mexican stuff that means serving a big fresh salad with chilli, use less corn chips and when using wraps making sure there is plenty of healthy stuff with the wraps – it may not be authentic, but after we take the photos of a dish, we can really eat it however we like.  As for Thai food – well for me its going to be an increase in rice and less of the meat/vege dish. Rice may be “the devil” in terms of carbs, but surely it outweighs the bad fats and oils. Eat more of the healthy options and really just consider what we are eating rather than just tucking into something tasty.

So, watch this space people! Slim Jim and Jane comin’ attcha!

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