Jimmy Eats World

Our good friend from Sydney, Jimmy Dau, has set off on a year-long (or perhaps longer??? What do you think Jimmy???) adventure to Central and South America and is blogging all about it.  He has been posting about some pretty amazing experiences including treks, dives and general exploring in Mexico and beyond. His posts do little to make me want to sit pretty and get stuck into work!

Back in Sydney we knew Jimmy through our shared appreciation of good music, great food, adventures and exploration.  We had so many awesome times together, eating drinking and being merry but also just hanging out and shooting the breeze about all kinds of different topics. We went on trips together, ate many bowls of phở, had crazy nights and the BBQ feasts (including the High Beer Adventures) are some of the greatest memories of our friendship.  I for one was very excited when Jimmy said he was going to pack the suits away (do media guys even own suits?) and head off to the big blue yonder. And on top of this, the timing worked out to be a week between when he flew and when we departed.

Check out his blog, follow his trip and get green with envy at what he is getting to experience.

Adventuring Jimmy!

Adventuring Jimmy!

And Jimmy – be safe, have fun and we love hearing all about it!


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