Lottie Lottie Lottie

Lottie! The one and only. My man who is back in Australia being cared for by claud. Sweet little muffin face Lottie.

This adorable cat was met on 1st April 2005 in a house in Surry Hills. He was only a few months old then – maybe 6? – but he was just too sweet to resist. He had been left in my friends house by his ex owner, a scuzzy scaming jerk who left her cat behind amongst other things.

6 years on and he is a most magnificent beast. He’s quite large, though slimmed down of late, and hangs out with his girlfriend Kiko. He wanders a little but always comes home for snack time (don’t we all!)

I miss him heaps and wish he was here with me for snuggles and admiring his awesomness.

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