Review: Mos Burger – Singapore

Currently we are visiting a friend in Singapore, and one of the things we really wanted to do while we were here is to try out Mos Burger, a chain that is originally from Tokyo and supposedly very delicious! So after we gathered our Mos Burger crew we set out on an adventure to first try to find a store that was close by!

You see, we did have a nearby store in mind, but after walking to the shopping center, searching around and asking people at the information desk, it turned out that there was no Mos to be found in that building!

After consulting trusty Google and walking around, searching and more wandering we finally found it! With one of our party members letting out an excited squeal we hurried over to the store and selected our meals.

They only had one bottle of water left and grape soft drink, so the choice of drinks was made very easy for us!

While waiting for the rest of our meal to come we checked out some of the Mos Burger propaganda on the walls, at the stage I was unsure if Mos will make my day or not.

But when it finally arrived we were quite excited, and there were even guides on how to eat our meals!

After carefully following the guide here is my side of chicken! I got this instead of the side of chips as recommended by friends and I was not disappointed, I really enjoyed this, however Madz didn’t like the fact that the chicken also had the skin on it. I think this made it even tastier!

Marshy loving his piece of chicken, they were big pieces!

I really liked the packaging on the drink containers, such a nice simple design.

My Spicy Mos Burger finally arrived in it’s nice little package. After carefully unwrapping it (they’re not hard to unwrap at all, I just wanted to get a good photo!) the burger was finally revealed in all its glory!

My Spicy Mos Burger with cheese. The spicy sauce was excellent—it wasn’t as spicy as I am normally used to—but was a great compliment to the tasty burger, cheese and fat slice of fresh tomato.

Madz’ Chicken Teriyaki Mos Burger. I ended up finishing this one as well as Madz didn’t like the bits of chicken that had skin on them, but I loved it and thought they were really delicious!

Marshy Om Nom Nomming his burger. He loved it so much he went back to order another plus some chicken nuggets!

The Mos Burger nuggets. Unlike the side of chicken—which is a real piece of chicken—these nuggets are processed, but were apparently tasty as well.

Some new friends who took us to Mos Burger, I’m not sure who was more excited about going there, us or them! Mos Burger experts.

Madz says “No more photos!”

After our meals I felt quite satisfied and the burgers were very tasty, a nice change from the usual big fast food chains. If I had one of these places nearby I’d probably visit it a lot more frequently, so it is probably lucky that I don’t live near one!

Even when it was time to leave there was still discussion about more burgers!

Our first foray into the world of Mos Burgers was a pleasant one, with good company and an adventure to find the place, I hope to try some of their other burgers in the future and see how they compare.

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