After 6 months of living in our old condo on Nimmanhaemin Soi 12, we decided it was time to ramp things up a bit and find somewhere with a bit more…uhh…space. Our old place was great – 1 bed apartment, thai style ‘kitchen’ and bathroom, views over the Chiang Mai University Agricultural gardens, close to everything on Nimmanhaemin. And it was cheap too! 6500 baht/mth for the two of us which equates to ~$220.

But we thought that we should move on to bigger & hopefully better places. Because we both work at home, we need a bit more room to get away from each other and spread out a bit. Lucky for us, we managed to find a GREAT place nearby. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 balcony apartment at the other end of Nimmanhaemin! And for 8000 baht/mth! And it has a pool! And a bath! A BATH!! So excited! I love my baths and when in Australia I would have at least 1 per week, but usually more ha!

We moved in a couple of weekends ago and unfortunately for us, the weekend we chose to move, the elevator at 103 Condo broke. Broke for good. Not for a few hours, oh no. Not even for a few days….its broken for about a month. We lugged those damn boxes down the stairs to Nick’s car, up and down, up and down. URGH. Thankfully at the other end we had not one, but two elevators that worked!

We have settled in just fine too. There have been some moments of insanity for me – the bathroom has become my OCD obsession. Seems the person who lived here before didn’t know of the existence of cleaning products so the browny-yellow stains on the tiles are very hard to get off. Bamboo loves it here, and especially seems to enjoy having her own room and bathroom – she actually goes and lays on the bed and hangs out in that room by herself quite a lot! So we are loving it here – the pool is good, the work vibe is good, we have had our friends over for dinners, hang out times and drinks. Marshy is going to be our first guest of honour in a few weeks and we are looking forward to showing it off to him.

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