Last week Mick, Marshy and myself (Triple M) decided that we would embark on a bit of a change of life together. That change of life is nothing religious, spiritual or crazy. Its a 30 day food change. We are all supporting one another on eating Paleo. For those of you who are wondering what this madness is, its simply a “diet” (for want of a better term) that focuses on removing unnecessary processed foods from our diet and eating fresh, nutricious meals instead. Sounds simple enough…right?

The Paleo diet really struck a cord with me because I do feel that we tend to eat too much processed crap every day. From breakfast to dinner, its breads, soft drinks, snack bars, high sugar-high wheat foods. And its not good. Our parents ate diets that were much more focused around vegetables and meats (though maybe not always good, healthy, lean meats) but they didnt have the additional packets of chips, highly processed cakes and biscuits, low-fat/low-sugar dairy that we have surrounding us now. The primary food groups that are on the no-go list are gluten products – wheat, oats, rye, rice, noodles, pasta, polenta etc, and synthetic/processed sugars. Lean meats, eggs, vegies, fruits are on the yes list.

We have been doing this for a few days now and things are going ok for Mick and I. Saying no to bread is hard for me, I really loveeeee a good bit of bread, especially in the mornings, but I want to have a good go at this. You also get funny looks from people in Asia when you turn down rice, but we are trying to minimize the amount of rice in our diet too. I personally don’t think rice is as bad as other grains like wheat because it isn’t as processed as other grains, but we are going to limit that intake. Anything packaged or processed is going to be avoided, within reason. We are currently in Cambodia attending our friends wedding and we have given ourselves a one-day pass. Along with eating better we are also avoiding drinking alcohol for the next 30 days so the pass allows us to have a few drinks and eat foods within reason.

We really don’t want to go all out and fall off the proverbial horse, so this one day pass means we can have fun but keep on track. So, I really hope to be blogging a bit more during this time – showing you how we manage to eat Paelo, let you know if we fail and how badly and hopefully show you a healthier us at the end of 30 days!

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