Paleo/Primal/Real-Food Eating Update

So its been quite a while since Mick and I embarked on our new way of eating/living and I figured its about time for an update. I think we are sitting pretty at 75 days since we started eating better, cutting out crap and enjoying life some more. Sounds schmalzy I know, but hey, its true!

Weight wise we have both dropped weight – Mick won’t get on scale despite my moaning, cajoling and demanding, but I have lost a fair whack. And pretty effortlessly too, I must say. I started at about 68 kilos I think, though unfortunately I didn’t take my starting weight measurement (I blame Cambodia). This was just after Christmas and New Years so I’m pretty sure I was sitting at that. Now, I’m down to 60 kilos (woo!). I honestly have to say that I probably haven’t sat at this weight since…well, probably since Uni which is quite sad. Mick is getting slimmer, toning up and seems to be a lot more alert and energetic. Getting him out of bed in the morning isn’t such a problem these days – yay!

So…what have we been doing, you ask. Well, first and foremost it’s been the diet. We eat good food. We eat loads of vegetables with every meal – steamed spinach, broccoli, mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast, or even salad with some fried eggs and bacon. Lunch is usually a salad with some meat or eggs, a vegie soup or stew or leftovers from the night before. Dinner ranges from something thai to grilled chicken to japanese or whatever else in between. We have been eating some rice and rice noodles (can’t resist a noodle soup or sushi rice every now and then!) but haven’t touched pasta, bread, lentils, or dried beans since starting.  Have I craved any of those things? I have to be honest here and say no…I guess because I used to suffer from a bad stomach, headaches, mood swings and even hayfever which I now attribute to eating those things. And I don’t want to suffer from those things again. We also eat cheese and greek yoghurt but avoid most other dairy – neither of us have had any bad reactions from it so I think we are pretty good in that respect. We have been having alcohol like wine or whiskey/vodka and soda but have majorly cut down on how much beer we have been drinking. I find I bloat way too much from beer and i’d rather not have a pregnant-looking beer belly! We have also cut probably 90% of the sugar from our diet and only get natural sugars from eating fruit (bananas, watermelon etc) and the occasional fruit shake or even curry that we know they put sugar in. We’re not going to be totally strict and its just been good to not consume so much of it.

Exercise wise we have been “working out” at home every second day. We do body weight workouts – squats, lunges, push ups, plank and a couple of others – which takes about 30min. We walk around too, or were walking…we got a scooter a week ago so our walks to the market are over haha! Its also been very very polluted here (and getting hotter) so its not so nice to be breathing in that smokey crap (or sweating like a pig) on a leisurely stroll to buy some vegies. We also embarked on a “burpees + 1” which sounded like a good idea at the time. If you know what a burpee is then you will understand that now that we are at day 30 of that, day 100 seems oh so scary. But its fun too – high fiving one another after doing so many is pretty cool.

All up I feel great. And Mick feels great. We have had compliments on how we look, we are happier, more focused and more energised. I’ve never hated cooking but I enjoy it even more now and its been fun to create tasty food that’s healthy too. I don’t crave sweet things or carby things now, I crave a big salad or some red meat and I seem to be able to read my body more.   We also have our days off or meals that aren’t that strict – like tempura sushi rolls, a wagon wheel here and there, some chips from Bar Fry and I really taste the difference in the food – like deep fried chips aren’t all that yummy (they kinda taste like cardboard tbh) unless they are covered with some kind of sauce.  I think this will be something we will be more than happy to stick with in the future. It’s not hard and I don’t want to go back to being fat, moody and unhealthy.  Also, its nice to not take ages to work out what to wear every day like I used to – I didn’t even notice that side effect until Mick pointed it out the other day.

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