Palak Paneer is one of my ultimate and always ordered Indian dishes. I love the creamy spinach purée and especially like the grilled cheese stuff that is inside the delicious sauce. That yummy cheese stuff is Paneer and its an Indian cheese. I thought that you could only get from speciality Indian shops, but I was wrong! Thanks to Tastespotting I came across this blog which showed me how to make it myself! Hooray!

So here is my version of the recipe. Its SUPER easy but I did think it was bland and tasteless. Therefore, I recommend adding some salt, pepper and herbs or spices to it. I made a delicious version the next day with added chilli flakes. I was too greedy so I didn’t let it firm up enough but it was still awesome. Could almost pass as a haloumi substitute!!


1Litre whole milk – no low fat version!! It won’t work.

1 Tbsp Lemon Juice or white vinegar

Now bring your milk to a boil. Stir it occasionally so doesn’t burn. It will come to a low boil then BAM it will  almost boil over the top of the pot. Take off the heat as soon as it reaches that point and stir through the lemon juice or vinegar. The milk will curdle. It will look gross and like something not delicious.

Let this bad-boy sit for about 10-5 minutes and then you need to strain it. Line a colander with some cheesecloth or muslin ( or you can use a fine sieve)  and pour the curdled milk into the cloth. Let the liquids drip away (they can be thrown out) and then if you are wishing to flavour this baby up, do it now.


Let the milk curds drain for about 20-30minutes.

Once the draining has finished you need to firm it up a bit. Pick up the cheesecloth and squeeeeeeeeze to get all the remaining liquids out.


Then you need to put some more pressure on it. Place the cheese that is wrapped in the cheesecloth onto a plate. Get another plate and put it on top. On this plate you need to put something heavy. Like a mortar and pestle. Or a brick. Or a fat cat. Leave the weight on the cheese for about an hour or more. Don’t peek at it, just leave it.

When it is ready unwrap and examine. Then cut it into pieces and fry fry fry!

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