Pickled Beetroot

Beetroot is one of those vegetables that just screams summer (and Christmas!) for me. Mum always grabs a whole bunch of them and makes up a big bowl of pickled beetroots to have on hamburgers, in salads and on sandwiches and I have recently noticed them in some of the markets here in Chiang Mai. Awesome news for me!

I gave mum a call the other day and asked her how to make pickled beetroot and she said it was super easy; wash the beets, cook the beets, pickle the beets then eat the beets. How easy! So off I went!

Whole Beetroots

What You Do
Put beets in a pot of water (whole) and simmer until soft – depending on the size of your beetroots, this can take between 30min and 1.5 hours! But be patient, they will become soft.

Remove from hot water and immerse in cold water to cool them. Once cool, strip the skin from the beets. This is really easy as the skin will just slide off.

Slice the beets into rounds as thick as you desire – thick, thin, slices or strips – whatever takes your fancy! I like to do it in rounds as it sits better on the sandwich.

Place the slices into your container (i chose a plastic container, but you can use a glass one – basically just make sure its water-tight) and you will cover with your pickling mix. You take the vinegar, water, sugar, bayleaves and peppercorns and boil them up in a pot – taste it to make sure it tastes ok. I usually do 1 part vinegar, 3-4 parts water and sugar to taste.  Once this is cooled pour it over the beets so they are covered and then pop it in the fridge.

In a couple of days you can open up the container and taste the beets. Ohhhhh my they were good! Perfect for a summers day salad. Yummo

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