Recipe: Burger Salads

A good burger is hard to beat. Sometimes you just want to get your mouth around some grilled meat with beetroot, tomato and lettuce and feel that yummy comfort. But Mick and I don’t eat bread so we make our own versions – burger salads! Just as delicious but eaten with a knife and fork instead of with our hands.

I like to use a combination of pork and beef mince as I find the flavour works really well.

Pattie Ingredients

200g pork mince
200g beef mince
1/2 medium onion finely diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
Handful chillis finely diced
Herbs – we used fresh parsely plus dried oregano, rosemary, coriander, cumin seeds and paprika
1 Tbsp Harrisa (or use tomato paste)
1 egg
1/4 cup rice flour (could substitute with breadcrumbs, regular flour or any other flour)

Other Ingredients
Sliced onion for cooking

Optional Extras

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients with your hands, making sure that all the ingredients are well mixed. Add more flour or breadcrumbs to ensure the mix is not too “sloppy”. Once meat mix is well combined, roll into balls approximately the size of an orange (give or take).

Raw patties ready to fry!

Raw patties ready to fry!

Slightly flatten into a patty and then get ready to fry! When the patties are 3/4 cooked, throw your sliced onion in to cook. Just before serving, place your cheese on the burger patty to melt and top with some onion. You can also cook your bacon and egg at this point if you are including it.

Cookin' dem up

Cookin’ dem up

Meanwhile, prepare your salad bowl or plate – wash your lettuce, slice your tomato and get that beetroot ready. You can add any other salad ingredients if you want to bulk it out more, but for the “burger salad” I like to keep it simple and stick with regular burger ingredients. You can layer it up like you would a burger or make it a bit more free-flow. Once your burger patties are ready, put them on the plate, top with jalapenos, fried egg and bacon, sauce (if using) and serve up! Of course you can use the same patties on a bread bun if you eat bread too.



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