Review: Dessert Lady on St. 9

Dessert Lady cuts a fine figure

Dessert Lady cuts a fine figure

We are lucky enough to live very close to a dessert lady who offers a number of tantalising sweeties for those nights when grilled chicken doesn’t cut the mustard. She has a limited but popular supply of desserts ranging from bowls of sticky tapioca with banana or pumpkin, mung bean custard, baked egg custard, coconut jellies and some kind of yellow bean thing all on display every night for her passing customers. Dessert lady typically rocks up at around sunset and stays well into the night, til at least 10pm some nights. I admire her dedication to the cause, especially as she is on her own, outside a dark market but she always has a smile on her face and is happy to serve up sugary delights to her customers.

Don't know what it is but it sure tastes good!

Don’t know what it is but it sure tastes good!

She seems to be a very popular lady for her sweet treats, though I think some of it may have to do with her sexy dresses and friendly personality, so she will often sell out of my favourite choice – the baked custard delight. It has the taste and texture of bread and butter pudding custard and a sweet sugary syrup that she scoops into a bowl, tops with ice, coconut milk and some more sugar syrup to be served in a bowl or in a bag, depending on whether you want to sit at her street stall or take it home to nom on the couch.

Tapioca and banana - so good!

Tapioca and banana – so good!

All of the desserts she makes up she serves in the same way – with ice, sugar syrup and milk. Mick and I have eaten varieties of these in Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. Sometimes they are served with corn, kidney beans, chewy tapioca balls, noodles and even a slosh of red cordial for good measure. The crushed ice that gets piled on top works to both keep the dessert “soup” cool and water down the painfully sweet thing you are about to consume. But I do highly recommend getting in and having a go. It’ll remind you of your childhood treats of snow cones but with added yums.

Dessert Lady – Street 9 at P’saa KupKoh

Dessert Lady Stand
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