Review: Yeon Ga Korean Restaurant

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKorean food is something that I have come to really enjoy of late, which is funny considering Sydney is a bit of a hub of Korean food activity not Phnom Penh! But despite this, Mick and I live just around the corner from our own little “Korea-town” on Sotheros Blvd. Amongst the massage parlors, karaoke bars and hotels, there are some absolute gems such as Yeon Ga.

The tell-tale sign that this restaurant was the real deal has got to be the groups of Korean men who seem to have their favourite spots in this little restaurant. Each time we have been there, we have had the company of at least 4 other men, all korean who are tucking into some of their comfort foods like bimbibap, “KFC”(Korean Fried Chicken), Tofu and Pork stew and Kimchee stir-fries. The smell is pretty awesome and everyone seems to thoroughly enjoy their meals.

Tofu with beansprouts - banchan

Tofu with beansprouts – banchan

Surely the best thing about Korean food is all the little side dishes (banchan)that you get loaded on your table seemingly before you even have a chance to decide what to have! Yeon Ga offers some pretty tasty banchan such as small omelets, fried pork, beansprouts and tofu, kimchee (of course), anchovies and green vegetables.  These alone are worth coming here and I think my favourites are the beansprouts and tofu and the fried pork. Yum!



For mail meals, the bibmibap is a favourite of mine and it seems to offer a bit of everything – rice, pork, pickles, spice – all in a deliciously cute flavour pot. One day I will have a go at making one of these at home as I am sure it isn’t too hard! My only gripe is that its not spicy enough but the kimchee makes up for that.

Beef Bone Stew

Beef Bone Stew

Mick’s go-to-dish is the beef bone stew that is a hearty broth of garlic, beef and clear noodles (not sure what kind – sorry!) that goes well with some added chilli and of course all the sides. We have also ordered the grilled mackerel (very good), KFC (yummy!), pork and kimchee stew (delish) and have come away feeling pretty chuffed every time.

Most meals come in around the $5 – $10 mark which is very good value considering how much food you get. Beers are $2 and they have the usual softdrinks on offer as well.

Yeon Ga Korean Restaurant
Sotheros Blvd (Between Almond Hotel & Street 294)

Yeon Ga Korean Restautant
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