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Triptych of food at The Best Time Coffee & RestaurantIn our never-ending quest to find new places and try new food or new experiences you’re bound to run into a lot of good places, average and just plain bad eating spots. However in Chiang Mai it seems almost every meal manages to out-do the previous! After being here for roughly two years I did think that the novelty would wear off, but thankfully that has not happened.

The idyllic settings, the fantastic warm hospitality and the delicious food all are hallmarks of a great Thai meal, and perfectly describes the meal we had at The Best Time Coffee & Restaurant.

The Best Time - Coffee & Restaurant entrance

Resting the the edge of the Ping river, this lovely restaurant offered great views in a quiet setting. We quite enjoyed the Sunday afternoon sipping Leo beer (of course!) and watching the river drift on by. And whilst being a little bit out off town, it certainly is worth a drive if only for the serene setting.

The view at The Best Time - Coffee & Restaurant

Whilst waiting for our good friend Tikky to arrive we ordered the perfect beer companions, Nam Prik Num (charred chilli dipping typically served with vegetables) and a plate of pork rinds upon recommendation (not that we required much convincing, they are a favourite guilty pleasure when enjoying a Leo).

Nam Prik Num

Nam Prik Num

Crispy Pork Rind

Tasty pork rinds

Once Tikky arrived we quickly ordered some favourites while we snacked and drank, opting for fried Fish with Chilli and Peppercorns, Tom Yum Goong and a Spicy Thousand Year Egg Salad.

Fried Peppercorn Fish with Chilli

Fried Peppercorn Fish with Chilli

The fish was excellent with the perfect amount of crispiness to the skin, whilst leaving the flesh moist and easily removed. The flavour was also fantastic with the peppercorns and chilli working excellent with the fish. This dish is always a favourite with us so it was great to find yet another restaurant that we can count on to do this dish well.

Thousand Year Egg Spicy Salad

Spicy Thousand Year Egg Salad

This dish (Spicy Thousand Year Egg Salad) is not for the feint hearted, but when done right is an excellent blend of spicy, sour, salty and sweet. The thousand year eggs (also known as black eggs, century eggs & preserved eggs) are prepared by soaking the eggs in a mixture of salt, calcium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate before being left for several weeks in order to get the black, creamy consistency. Although I do prefer this dish to be more spicy (sometimes even when asking for “Thai-spicy” the chefs still turn down the heat for westerners) the black eggs were great and the dish had a perfect blend of fish sauce, lime juice & chilli.

Tom Yum Goong

Tom Yum Goong (prawn)

Last but certainly not least was the Tom Yum Goong (sour soup with prawns). Whilst waiting for this dish an incredible monsoon swept through meaning we had to retreat to a table not-so-close to the river, however the staff were great in helping us move our dishes and drinks.

The soup packed a great punch, nice and spicy with plenty of flavour whilst the prawns were nice and plump with that satisfying crunch you only get from the freshest prawns. Tom yum is one of those dishes that I truly fell in love with when we first arrived in Chiang Mai, and that love still has not wavered.

Tikky & Madz enjoying the food

Tikky & Madz enjoying the food

The Best time certainly provided an excellent way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon avoiding the afternoon downpours. With a great deck to sit on overlooking the Ping river, great food and a cosy atmosphere—The Best Time has guaranteed itself another visit from us in the very near future.

Coffee shop at The Best Time - Coffee & Restaurant


The Best Time Coffee & Restaurant
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